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HS6-5-2C   ( 1.3343 )

    Grade :     HS6-5-2C
    Number:     1.3343
    Classification:     High-speed tool steel
    EN ISO 4957: 2000 Tool steels
    Equivalent grades:     Go here

Chemical composition %   of grade   HS6-5-2C (1.3343):   EN 4957-2000
C Si Mn P S Cr Mo W V
0.86 - 0.94max   0.45max   0.4max   0.03max   0.033.8 - 4.54.7 - 5.25.9 - 6.71.7 - 2.1

Mechanical properties of grade   HS6-5-2C (1.3343)

  Brinell hardness   (HB):   (+A)269

Equivalent grades of grade   HS6-5-2C (1.3343)
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Mechanical properties
ReH Minimum yield strength / Mindestwert der oberen Streckgrenze / Limite d elasticite minimale
Rm Tensile strength / Zugfestigkeit / Resistance a la traction
A Minimum elongation / Mindestwert der Bruchdehnung / Allongement minimal
J Notch impact test / Kerbschlagbiegeversuch / Essai de flexion par choc

Heat treatment conditions

+A Soft annealed
+AC Annealed to achieve spheroidization of the carbides
+AR As rolled
+AT Solution annealed
+C Cold drawn / hard
+CR Cold rolled
+FP Treated to ferrite-pearlite structure and hardness range
+I Isothermal annealing
+LC Cold drawn / soft
+M Thermo mechanical rolling
+N Normalized
+NT Normalized and tempered
+P Precipitation hardened
+PE Peeled
+QA Air quenched and tempered
+QL Liquid quenched and tempered
+QT Quenched and tempered
+S Treated to improve shearability
+SH As rolled and turned
+SR Cold drawn and stress relieved
+T Tempered
+TH Treated to hardness range
+WW Warm worked
+U Untreated

  HS6-5-2C (1.3343) - High-speed tool steel
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