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Propositions of the Department of Physical Engineering

              " EUROPEAN STEEL AND ALLOY GRADES" is free searchable database of engineering materials designed in close cooperation with scientists of the National Technical University KhPI.

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The scientists and engineers from the Department of Physical Engineering National Technical University KhPI
suppose the collaboration on scientific and industrial projects in the following directions:

Dynamics and Strength of Machines

  • vibrations of turbine structural members in power plant industry;
  • plasticity, creep, damage and fracture of materials and structures;
  • prediction of the reliability of structural members considering the random character of loading;
  • optimal design of structural members;
  • technological mechanics of hardware made from polymer and composite materials;
  • estimation of the strength and lifetime prediction of the Nuclear Power stations structural members;
  • estimation of the strength and lifetime prediction of the coke ovens and coke industry hardware;
  • strength of constructions at fire conditions;
  • strength calculations and investigations of railroad wheels in operational and optimal technological modes;
  • strength and stiffness calculations of structurally bounded mechanical systems under the action of electro-magnetic fields (according to technological problems of electro-magnetic die-stamping) analysis of contact stresses in the sealed surfaces of the high-pressure vessels and bolts;
  • solving of the non-linear dynamical problems with the purpose of the analysis and synthesis of transport systems and vibration devices;
  • numerical simulation of the strength and serviceability of the system 'Crank shaft - bearings' for the engines of inner combustion;
  • experimental investigations of long-term strength of materials and structures under elevated temperatures; numerical simulation of crane's operations;
  • development of computer methods in diagnostics systems for the experimental investigations of the machine details with the purpose of their resource's increasing;
  • data base of physical and mechanical characteristics of industrial materials.

Theoretical Mechanics and Non-Linear Dynamics

  • non-linear and chaotic vibrations of mechanical systems;
  • using the system of analytical calculations for the problems of analysis and synthesis of discrete mechanical machine models;
  • simulation of dynamical processes in hydro-mechanical systems using the system of analytical calculations;

Solid Mechanics

  • non-linear mechanics of thin-walled structures; development of variational-structural methods for anisotropic shells and plates using Rvachov's Functions Method (RFM);
  • boundary element method in 3d mechanical problems.

Spacecraft control

  • development of the high accuracy systems of spacecrafts attitude control and stabilization;
  • steering and control of space- and aircrafts.

Remote acoustic and radio-acoustic atmospheric sounding systems

  • Development of atmospheric remote sensing instruments (RASS and SODAR).

Contact information:

Head of the project "European Steel and Alloy Grades "
Dmitry Breslavsky, Ph.D, Dr. Eng. Sc., Professor
Head of Department of Computer Modeling of Processes and Systems
Web-page of Dr. Dmitry Breslavsky

National Technical University   "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute " (NTU KhPI)

Address: Prof. Dr. Dmitry Breslavsky,
National Technical University KhPI, 21 Frunze Str.,Kharkov, 61002,UKRAINE

Phone: +380 57 7076454
Fax: +380 57 7076601

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